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Synthetic Lawns in Miami | Commercial Uses for Artificial Grass

The benefits of artificial grass go beyond just residential lawns and sports fields. There can be great benefits to having synthetic grass at commercial properties. Let’s take a look at some of the commercial properties where synthetic lawns in Miami can be used.


Maintaining natural grass at a school can be tough and very expensive. In addition to all the foot traffic the grass sees, it requires constant watering, mowing, and attention. In addition to synthetic grass providing a safe, level field for kids to participate in sports activities, it’s cost-effective in the long run, and pays for itself over time.

Public Swimming Pools

Outdoor swimming pools have become an increasingly popular place to have artificial grass. Many health clubs and community centers are using fake grass around their pools as a way to make everything look nicer and make the pool area safer. While natural grass around a pool can lead to the grass getting flooded and mud being tracked around, synthetic grass eliminates the scenario of wet grass and provides a clean environment around the pool, making it more inviting.

Where can I find someone to install synthetic lawns in Miami?


While you might think having artificial grass installed in a park is very expensive because of how big the space is, think about all the time and money you will save when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. Just a one-time professional installation and that’s it, the whole park is set for decades, providing it undergoes regular inspections.

Are You Thinking About Synthetic Lawns in Miami?

If you are thinking about artificial grass, whether it’s for residential or commercial use, we can do it all! Contact us today to learn more about having synthetic grass installed.

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Artificial Turf in West Palm Beach | Benefits of Field Turf

Were you watching last night’s National Championship Game and thinking to yourself, “that field looks really good”? Well, that’s because it was artificial turf. Mercedes Benz Stadium, home of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and where last night’s game was played, is one of 13 NFL stadiums that utilize artificial turf. Here are some of the reasons why more and more facilities are switching to artificial turf in West Palm Beach from the NFL level all the way down to community parks.

Fewer Injuries

Natural grass fields can have imperfections that can be caused by many different factors. Animals could be digging or burrowing. The grass could be laid unevenly or be susceptible to weather damage. All of these can increase the risk of injury when using the field. Synthetic turf stays even and consistent in any condition.

Less Water Usage

A typical grass sports field can use between 500,000 to a million gallons of water each year. Artificial turf eliminates almost all water usage completely. In areas that suffer from constant water droughts, synthetic turf is perfect for having lush looking playing surfaces without having to use a lot of water.

Where can I find artificial turf in west palm beach?

Eliminates Pesticides and Fertilizers

While pesticides and fertilizers are needed to keep natural grass healthy and lush, it can be harmful to both the environment and the people using the field. Synthetic turf fields eliminate the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing maintenance costs.

Are You Interested in Artificial Turf in West Palm Beach?

If more and more professional sports organizations are switching to artificial turf, why shouldn’t you? Contact us at Southwest Greens to learn more about how we can install artificial turf on your athletic field today.

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Fake Grass for Yard in Florida | How Can I Landscape a Beautiful Yard?

Getting a beautiful yard doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Landscaping should be fun as your lawn acts as a base. Let fake grass for yard in Florida act your canvas and earn some major curb appeal.

Narrow Down Your Style

Just like interior design has an array of style preferences, so does landscaping. You can like the look of a full garden with lots of full-bodied plants. Or, you may like a more minimalist look. This could be tall, thin plants.

Install Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a great option for any style of landscaping. It can create a clean look and last a lifetime! With precision edging and next to no maintenance, artificial grass is worth the investment.

can i have fake grass for yard in florida with a pool

Get a Variety of Plants

You should try to establish a nice balance between plants. This means, have some height while using some that are lower to the ground, should you like to cluster them. Also, have an array of full sun and partial sun plants. Different parts of your lawn probably get different amounts of sun. So, be aware of the environment your lawn offers and buy plants accordingly.

Use Stones or Sand

Sometimes people simply do not like the look of mulch. You can opt for something more creative. In Florida, it is not uncommon to see sand places as it is easy to replace, can handle some rain, and offers a more casual look. Stones also come in every shape, size, and color. So, give those a look for a very clean look that can be made rustic or modern.

Are You Looking to Install Fake Grass for Yard in Florida?

Fake grass for yard in Florida is a great way to achieve a seamless landscaping. So, if you are looking to get a professional-looking and beautiful lawn, contact us at Southwest Greens to learn about our artificial grass services.

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Artificial Grass in Miami | Can Synthetic Turf Help My Business?

Do you want to improve your business? Then it may be time to replace your natural lawn with commercial synthetic turf. Artificial grass in Miami is not only a beneficial option for homeowners, but for business owners as well. Keep reading to learn about all of the ways that synthetic grass can help your business reach new levels of success!

3 Ways Artificial Grass in Miami Can Improve Your Business

  1. Makes a Great First Impression: A well-manicured lawn makes an amazing first impression, and artificial grass is visually appealing all year long with minimal maintenance required. Having a pristine synthetic lawn shows your customers that your business values the importance of presentation and attention to detail.
  2. Cost Effective: An artificial lawn requires no maintenance costs and can be recycled from other sites, making it extremely cost effective. Not to mention, since you aren’t using law tools, fertilizers, or new materials, your business’s carbon footprint stays low.
  3. No Mud or Dirt: Cleaning dirt from your business’s floors can often be a full-time job on its own. Luckily you can say goodbye to this problem with synthetic turf. Artificial grass doesn’t use soil, so none of it can be brought in on people’s shoes and your business can be kept clean.

Make your business as successful as possible by getting commercial artificial grass in Miami today. For the best synthetic turf, look no further than Southwest Greens of Florida. We have worked with a variety of different businesses, parks, cruise lines, golf courses, schools, and cities to design a custom synthetic grass solution that meets and exceeds their business needs. Let us start helping your business by requesting a FREE consultation from one of our professional turf specialists today!

where can i get the best commercial artificial grass in miami

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Easy Grass in Florida | What is Artificial Turf?

Do you want a picture-perfect lawn without spending the time, money, and energy on maintaining natural grass? Then artificial turf might be your perfect solution. Unlike natural lawns, synthetic lawns require very little maintenance, conserves water, looks green year-round, shows no wear and tear, and is ideal for landscaping. What exactly is artificial turf? And, more important, where can you get this type of easy grass in Florida? Keep reading to find out!

What is Artificial Turf?

First invented in 1964, artificial turf is a carpet created and made to resemble lush natural grass in both appearance and function as closely as possible. Artificial grass is typically made out of polyethylene or another type of synthetic fiber and bound with a polyurethane or latex backing. The grass fibers have short brown fibers that are mixed with green and yellow blades that are typically around 1 ¾ inches long.  Artificial turf is a popular choice for residential yards, commercial yards, putting greens, golf courses, playgrounds, rooftops, pet areas, indoor sports fields, outdoor sports fields, and so much more.

Where Can I Get Easy Grass in Florida?

You can replace your natural lawn with the best easy grass in Florida by contacting Southwest Greens. We are Florida’s largest supplier and installer of artificial grass and pride ourselves on installation excellence and craftsmanship. We are so confident in our ability to provide you with an outstanding finished product that we guarantee it. Request a FREE artificial grass consultation from one of our synthetic turf specialists today!

is artificial grass a type of easy grass in florida

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Artificial Turf in Miami | What Is HydroChill?

Summer is rapidly approaching. It will be June 21st before you know it. Summer is the season of excitement, adventure, and outdoor fun. It is the perfect time to get the most out of your synthetic lawn. However, before the hot days of summer officially begin, it’s essential that you prepare your artificial turf in Miami with HydroChill. What is HydroChill? Keep reading to find out!

What is HydroChill? 

Exposure to heat and sunlight can cause your artificial turf in Miami to heat up. Luckily, there’s HydroChill. After investing millions with Shaw Industries, Southwest Greens International introduced HydroChill technology as a simple addition to your turf’s infill that acts as a cooling system to tackle and reduce the warm summer temperatures. This patented solution cools your synthetic grass anywhere from 30-50 degrees. It is the first heat reduction technology of its kind and the only solution that will treat you to substantial and sustained temperature differences. Most importantly, HydroChill works, and hard data, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers, can prove it.

Get HydroChill for Your Artificial Turf in Miami Today!

Keep your artificial turf in Miami cool this summer with HydroChill by contacting Southwest Greens of Florida today. As the state’s largest supplier and installer of artificial putting greens, synthetic grass, playground surfaces, tee lines, and athletic surfaces, Southwest Greens can provide you with both the artificial turf and HydroChill to guarantee that you have the ultimate summer lawn. Request a FREE consultation from one of our professional synthetic lawn specialists today!

how can i keep my artificial turf in miami a cool temperature


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Artificial Grass in Miami | What Happens to Synthetic Turf When It Rains?

It’s no secret that artificial grass is the dream lawn material for countless homeowners. It’s extremely safe, low maintenance, and maintains a beautiful appearance year round. With benefits like these, it’s no wonder that so many people are making the switch from natural to artificial grass in Miami! However, despite numerous people knowing why they should get synthetic turf, some are hesitant to install artificial grass due to fears that it cannot handle the inevitable Florida rain. But they shouldn’t be. Keep reading to find out how artificial grass prevents problems during extensive periods of rain!

what happens to artificial grass in miami when it rains

2 Ways Artificial Grass in Miami Survives During Extreme Rain

  1. When laid correctly, artificial grass in Miami offers excellent drainage, even if it rains for a sustained period of time. This eliminates any chance of big puddles of water forming and staying there like it does on natural grass.
  2. After extensive rain, many natural lawns have to deal with problems of mud and dirt. Luckily, there is no mud and dirt with artificial grass in Miami due to it being made out of synthetic materials and infill.

where can i get the best artificial grass in miami

Rest easy knowing that your lawn is looking great, no matter what the weather forecast entails, by replacing your natural lawn with synthetic turf. Get the best artificial grass in Miami today by contacting us. Here at Southwest Greens of Florida, we are so confident in our ability to provide and install the highest quality artificial turf that we guarantee it. We can provide you with artificial putting greens, synthetic grass, playground surfaces, tee lines, athletic courts, and so much more.  Request a FREE consultation from one of our professional artificial grass specialists today!

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Artificial Grass in West Palm Beach | Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass is popping up everywhere as the ultimate replacement for natural grass. Synthetic turf is used for front yards, back yards, playgrounds, putting greens, soccer fields, and so much more. If you’re not thinking about installing artificial grass in West Palm Beach, it is time for you to start. However, if you already are contemplating getting synthetic grass, you probably have a few questions. Keep reading for the answers to the most frequently asked questions about artificial grass in West Palm Beach.

who is the best installer of artificial grass in west palm beach

Artificial Grass in West Palm Beach FAQs

What is Artificial Grass?                        

Artificial grass is a grass-like surface that looks, feels, and functions just like natural grass. However, unlike natural grass, synthetic turf requires minimal maintenance and comes with a wide range of benefits.

Is Artificial Grass Safe?

Artificial grass is extremely safe and nontoxic. In fact, it can even be more safe than natural grass due to the fact that it eliminates bumps, unevenness, etc. that could cause falling and tripping.

How Do I Install Artificial Grass in West Palm Beach?

In order to make your artificial grass look great and last a lifetime, you should have it installed by a team of experienced turf professionals.

Do you still have questions about artificial grass in West Palm Beach? If yes, contact us. Our synthetic turf team here at Southwest Greens can answer any and all of your questions. Plus, once you decide that artificial grass is the right option for your lawn needs, we can supply and install for you at an affordable price. Connect with us online today to learn more!

who is the best supplier of artificial grass in west palm beach

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Artificial Turf in West Palm Beach | Synthetic Grass History

Artificial turf in West Palm Beach has come a long way since the first synthetic grass installation. Keep reading to get a full understanding of the history of artificial turf and synthetic grass.

A Brief History of Artificial Turf in West Palm Beach

history of artificial turf in west palm beach

1960s – Synthetic grass is created with an emphasis on foot traction, water drainage, safety, and water resistance.

1966 – The Astrodome opens with the first major artificial turf field.

1970s – The second generation of artificial turf is introduced. This fake grass is less abrasive and has a more flattering appearance than its predecessor.

1990s – Revolutionary improvements to the general turf system takes place and the synthetic grass that you see today is created.

2002 – Jim Walton began Southwest Greens of Florida in Miami, FL. Thanks to a series of successful beginning endeavors, they soon became Florida’s largest supplier and installer of synthetic grass.

2004- Southwest Greens of Florida moves to Jupiter, FL to better service Florida as a whole. That same year, thanks to their high quality work, they sign a licensing agreement with Nicklaus Design.

2013- Due to an unstoppable growth and 300 PGA Tour Pro endorsements, Southwest Greens of Florida moved to a larger facility in Palm Beach Gardens, where they continue to cover the entire state of Florida

Present Day- Become a part of synthetic grass history by getting your artificial turf in West Palm Beach today! Get the best synthetic turf by contacting us. Southwest Greens can supply you with synthetic grass, artificial putting greens, tee lines, playground surfaces, athletic courts, and so much more. Let us provide you with the highest quality artificial turf in West Palm Beach. Request your FREE synthetic grass consultation from our professional turf specialists today!

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Plastic Grass in Florida | Is Plastic Grass Worth the Cost?

Are you having trouble maintaining your lawn? Southwest Greens is here to help! Being Florida’s largest supplier and installer of synthetic grass, we know plastic grass in Florida is not very appealing and can often consist of thousands of weeds. With Florida’s unpredictable weather ranging from dry heat to rainy seasons, Southwest Greens is the perfect solution to ensuring your lawn is in tip-top shape!

Is Plastic Grass in Florida Worth the Cost?

We know the sun can be extremely powerful in Florida, that’s why Southwest Greens’ products are UV-resistant and come with a manufacturer’s warranty for fading. Our plastic grass in Florida ensures a cooler and comfortable back yard, even on the hottest of days in the sunshine state. Now you never have to worry about your grass browning or losing its visual appeal. Our lawns have the look and feel of natural grass, and is able to withstand the heaviest of traffic and extreme weather conditions.

Still not convinced? Our synthetic grass will impress even the toughest of critics. Why spend thousands of dollars on lawn mowers and weed killers? We know that maintaining your lawn can be costly and time-consuming. With the latest trend in landscaping, artificial grass is proven to be low maintenance, cost efficient, and family friendly. Instead of spending money on maintaining your lawn, we offer affordable prices for you and your family.

With our reasonable pricing, we also offer available financing through our relationship with GE Capital and Shaw Industries—an affiliate company. Based on the aesthetics, low maintenance, and affordable cost, why not get the best bang for your buck?

Why worry about taking care of your lawn when we’ve got you covered? Whether you are outside laying with your kids, having a BBQ, or enjoying a nice round of golf, Southwest Greens for your backyard is the perfect solution for your grass problems!

Contact us today at 1-866-225-4078 and receive a free consultation from one of our professional turf specialists.

plastic grass in florida is cost effective

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Fake Grass in West Palm Beach | What is Fake Grass?

You may ask, what is artificial grass at Southwest Greens? SW Greens is Florida’s largest supplier and installer of fake grass in West Palm Beach — installing more than 400,000 sq. ft in Florida annually. Artificial grass is more than just the turf grass; it has the capability to redesign your home, golf greens and commercial property.

What is Fake Grass in West Palm Beach?

Synthetic grass is often referred to as “fake grass,” but it is much more than that, it creates an atmosphere of having an environmentally friendly organic lawn. Here at SW Greens we have invested years of research and development on infill technology to give you the best options for synthetic turf materials. The purpose of in-fill is to provide support for the turf fibers and add dimensional stability, as well as assist in cooling the turf surface. Adding infill to your artificial grass allows the turf to look and feel natural when you walk on it. Rounded silica sand is the most commonly used product that will add ballast to your artificial grass. When using silica sand, it will help protect your turf from UV rays, which means your artificial grass will stay green and beautiful for a long time.

We do offer other types of applications for instance, Crumb Rubber artificial turf. Florida is known for reaching high temperatures and if you decide to go with a rubber turf, it will add even more heat to your turf grass. In addition to the added heat, children and dogs will enjoy playing with it! Another alternative infill option exists, but it is quite costly. Geofill is the leading natural alternative infill in the synthetic turf market. It is made from completely natural materials that are environmentally friendly.

Regardless of your budget, we know you deserve beautiful fake grass in West Palm Beach. You can install synthetic grass almost anywhere, so give us a call—we’re here to help. Your neighbors will be envious of your new artificial grass. You can let them know exactly what fake grass is, and how it is the right choice for your lawn. Get a FREE consultation from our professional artificial lawn specialists today!


what is fake grass in west palm beach

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