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Synthetic Putting Greens in Florida | Backyard Putting Greens

Your backyard is a place to relax and have fun, so why not take full advantage of that and put in a backyard putting green? You might be saying, “that seems like a lot of work!” but with synthetic grass, it’s easy. Let’s take a look at why synthetic putting greens in Florida is the perfect thing for your backyard.

Low Maintenance

Synthetic putting greens require no regular or seasonal maintenance. Just have it installed and enjoy using it whenever you want without any upkeep. It is also water resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about the elements affecting it.

Practice Your Putting and Short Game

Imagine how much better your golf game would be if you could just sink more putts. Well, with a backyard, true feel, customized putting green you can do just that. Work on your putting and short game at home and see your scores improve when you get to the course.

What are synthetic putting greens in Florida?

Backyard Fun

A backyard putting green can be used for more than just practice for you, it can be a fun activity for your friends and family. Have putting competitions during your backyard BBQ, or teach the kids the proper putting technique without even having to leave the house. The possibilities are endless!


Whether you are looking for something small like a single hole, or an expansive multi-hole layout, putting greens can be customizable to accommodate whatever you are looking for. It can be incorporated into your existing landscape design and even match the contours of the rest of the backyard.

Are You Interested in Synthetic Putting Greens in Florida?

Synthetic putting greens are a low maintenance way to keep your short game sharp and have fun with the family at home. If you are looking to have a synthetic putting green installed at your home, contact us today.

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Synthetic Lawns in Miami | Can I Tee Up on My Turf?

One of the greatest benefits of synthetic lawns in Miami is the option to build custom putting greens and tee lines. You no longer need to leave the comfort of your home for driving range-quality greens. Here’s how you can tee up on pro-approved turf:

are synthetic lawns in miami good options for golfers

Can I Golf on My Synthetic Lawn?

We can’t recommend golfing directly on a synthetic lawn. Clubs can cause major wear and tear on synthetic lawns over time. Instead, it is better to invest in a custom putting green or driving range. These are specifically for golfing purposes, which means they can withstand your irons, woods, and shoe spikes.


How Can I Preserve My Tee Lines?

Our Golden Bear Tee Line turfs are of the highest quality and Jack Nicklaus-approved. That means they can handle a few fat shots (hitting the ground). But, the best way to keep your tee line in the best condition possible is fixing your swing.

The basics of a great golf swing start with keeping your eye on the ball at all times throughout your swing. Then, treat your body like a pendulum, hinging at the hips. Keep your grip light – as though there’s a bird in your hands – and your knees soft. Keep practicing and reading up, and you’ll be on the way to a pro-level swing.


Want More Information on Synthetic Lawns in Miami?

Southwest Greens is dedicated to laying down the highest quality synthetic lawns in Miami. So, if you’re a golfer looking to improve your game, an at-home putting green or driving range can be a great option! Contact us today for more information.

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Artificial Turf in Orlando | What Sports Can Be Played on Synthetic Grass?

In the world of sports, the right playing surface can make all the difference. If you are looking for the best surface look no further than synthetic turf. Artificial turf can increase traction, prevent falls, provide cushion, and, perhaps most importantly, boost the performance of any players, regardless of the weather conditions. If you are looking for the best surface look no further than synthetic turf. While artificial turf in Orlando is an ideal surface for all sports, there are a few sports that can benefit from synthetic grass more than others. What are the best sports to play on synthetic turf? Keep reading to find out!

Best Sports to Play on Artificial Turf in Orlando

Soccer: A game that is played by two teams with a round ball that may not be touched with the hands or arms during play, except by the goalkeepers. The object of the game is to score goals by kicking or heading the ball in the opposing team’s goal. 

Bocce Ball: A game that originated in Italy and is similar to lawn bowling but is played on a shorter, narrower green.

Golf: A club and ball sport in which players use various types of clubs to hit small golf balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible. 

Keep your sports team on top of their game by replacing your natural field with artificial turf in Orlando. Get the best artificial grass installed at Southwest Green of Florida. Our experienced turf team will get you everything you need to get your field, court, or facility up and running to its fullest potential. We can even customize your turf to feature your team or athletic organization and custom design it to fit your exact sporting regulations. Contact Southwest Greens to request a free consultation today!

what sports can i play on artificial turf in orlando

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Easy Grass in Florida | What is Artificial Turf?

Do you want a picture-perfect lawn without spending the time, money, and energy on maintaining natural grass? Then artificial turf might be your perfect solution. Unlike natural lawns, synthetic lawns require very little maintenance, conserves water, looks green year-round, shows no wear and tear, and is ideal for landscaping. What exactly is artificial turf? And, more important, where can you get this type of easy grass in Florida? Keep reading to find out!

What is Artificial Turf?

First invented in 1964, artificial turf is a carpet created and made to resemble lush natural grass in both appearance and function as closely as possible. Artificial grass is typically made out of polyethylene or another type of synthetic fiber and bound with a polyurethane or latex backing. The grass fibers have short brown fibers that are mixed with green and yellow blades that are typically around 1 ¾ inches long.  Artificial turf is a popular choice for residential yards, commercial yards, putting greens, golf courses, playgrounds, rooftops, pet areas, indoor sports fields, outdoor sports fields, and so much more.

Where Can I Get Easy Grass in Florida?

You can replace your natural lawn with the best easy grass in Florida by contacting Southwest Greens. We are Florida’s largest supplier and installer of artificial grass and pride ourselves on installation excellence and craftsmanship. We are so confident in our ability to provide you with an outstanding finished product that we guarantee it. Request a FREE artificial grass consultation from one of our synthetic turf specialists today!

is artificial grass a type of easy grass in florida

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Synthetic Putting Greens in Florida | How Can I Become a Better Putter?

Adding an artificial putting green to your backyard might be a great way to make your yard look like an oasis and have fun with family and friends, but its main perk is that it lets you practice your golf game in the comfort of your own home. To further help you become a backyard golf pro on synthetic putting greens in Florida, we compiled a list of 5 tips to become a top-notch putter.

5 Tips to Become a Great Putter

Tip #1: Spend more time practicing putting. The more you practice, the better you will get. There’s a reason they say, “practice makes perfect!”

Tip #2: Learn how to read the green. Synthetic putting greens in Florida are all different. Make sure that you understand your artificial putting green’s specific physical characteristics.

Tip #3: Don’t’ worry about looking exactly like Tiger Woods or any other pro golfer. Instead, search for the posture and stance that feels right for you, and stick with it.

Tip #4: Where you look is one of the most critical details of putting. Try to set your eyes directly over the putting line and look straight down at it.

Tip #5: When it comes to putting, confidence is key. Keep telling yourself that you can do it.

Don’t Forget to Practice These Tips on Synthetic Putting Greens in Florida

Start practicing these putting tips and get that hole-in-one by contacting Southwest Greens of Florida. We can provide you with the highest-quality synthetic putting greens in Florida. Improve your golf technique and begin the process of adding an artificial putting green to your home by requesting a FREE consultation from our synthetic putting green experts today!  

how can i become a better golfer with synthetic putting greens in florida

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Artificial Turf in Miami | What Is HydroChill?

Summer is rapidly approaching. It will be June 21st before you know it. Summer is the season of excitement, adventure, and outdoor fun. It is the perfect time to get the most out of your synthetic lawn. However, before the hot days of summer officially begin, it’s essential that you prepare your artificial turf in Miami with HydroChill. What is HydroChill? Keep reading to find out!

What is HydroChill? 

Exposure to heat and sunlight can cause your artificial turf in Miami to heat up. Luckily, there’s HydroChill. After investing millions with Shaw Industries, Southwest Greens International introduced HydroChill technology as a simple addition to your turf’s infill that acts as a cooling system to tackle and reduce the warm summer temperatures. This patented solution cools your synthetic grass anywhere from 30-50 degrees. It is the first heat reduction technology of its kind and the only solution that will treat you to substantial and sustained temperature differences. Most importantly, HydroChill works, and hard data, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers, can prove it.

Get HydroChill for Your Artificial Turf in Miami Today!

Keep your artificial turf in Miami cool this summer with HydroChill by contacting Southwest Greens of Florida today. As the state’s largest supplier and installer of artificial putting greens, synthetic grass, playground surfaces, tee lines, and athletic surfaces, Southwest Greens can provide you with both the artificial turf and HydroChill to guarantee that you have the ultimate summer lawn. Request a FREE consultation from one of our professional synthetic lawn specialists today!

how can i keep my artificial turf in miami a cool temperature


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Artificial Grass in Miami | What Happens to Synthetic Turf When It Rains?

It’s no secret that artificial grass is the dream lawn material for countless homeowners. It’s extremely safe, low maintenance, and maintains a beautiful appearance year round. With benefits like these, it’s no wonder that so many people are making the switch from natural to artificial grass in Miami! However, despite numerous people knowing why they should get synthetic turf, some are hesitant to install artificial grass due to fears that it cannot handle the inevitable Florida rain. But they shouldn’t be. Keep reading to find out how artificial grass prevents problems during extensive periods of rain!

what happens to artificial grass in miami when it rains

2 Ways Artificial Grass in Miami Survives During Extreme Rain

  1. When laid correctly, artificial grass in Miami offers excellent drainage, even if it rains for a sustained period of time. This eliminates any chance of big puddles of water forming and staying there like it does on natural grass.
  2. After extensive rain, many natural lawns have to deal with problems of mud and dirt. Luckily, there is no mud and dirt with artificial grass in Miami due to it being made out of synthetic materials and infill.

where can i get the best artificial grass in miami

Rest easy knowing that your lawn is looking great, no matter what the weather forecast entails, by replacing your natural lawn with synthetic turf. Get the best artificial grass in Miami today by contacting us. Here at Southwest Greens of Florida, we are so confident in our ability to provide and install the highest quality artificial turf that we guarantee it. We can provide you with artificial putting greens, synthetic grass, playground surfaces, tee lines, athletic courts, and so much more.  Request a FREE consultation from one of our professional artificial grass specialists today!

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Artificial Grass in West Palm Beach | Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass is popping up everywhere as the ultimate replacement for natural grass. Synthetic turf is used for front yards, back yards, playgrounds, putting greens, soccer fields, and so much more. If you’re not thinking about installing artificial grass in West Palm Beach, it is time for you to start. However, if you already are contemplating getting synthetic grass, you probably have a few questions. Keep reading for the answers to the most frequently asked questions about artificial grass in West Palm Beach.

who is the best installer of artificial grass in west palm beach

Artificial Grass in West Palm Beach FAQs

What is Artificial Grass?                        

Artificial grass is a grass-like surface that looks, feels, and functions just like natural grass. However, unlike natural grass, synthetic turf requires minimal maintenance and comes with a wide range of benefits.

Is Artificial Grass Safe?

Artificial grass is extremely safe and nontoxic. In fact, it can even be more safe than natural grass due to the fact that it eliminates bumps, unevenness, etc. that could cause falling and tripping.

How Do I Install Artificial Grass in West Palm Beach?

In order to make your artificial grass look great and last a lifetime, you should have it installed by a team of experienced turf professionals.

Do you still have questions about artificial grass in West Palm Beach? If yes, contact us. Our synthetic turf team here at Southwest Greens can answer any and all of your questions. Plus, once you decide that artificial grass is the right option for your lawn needs, we can supply and install for you at an affordable price. Connect with us online today to learn more!

who is the best supplier of artificial grass in west palm beach

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Synthetic Lawns in Miami | 3 Backyard Game Ideas

Do you want to turn your backyard into a fun space for your entire family? If yes, it’s time that you start considering replacing your natural yard with an artificial one. Synthetic lawns in Miami are an ideal playing surface for backyard recreation. Unlike natural grass, synthetic lawns require minimal maintenance and doesn’t show any wear and tear. Furthermore, you can set up your backyard for countless different games without affecting your lawn whatsoever. Keep reading to learn about 3 great backyard games to play on synthetic lawns in Miami!

Backyard Games to Play On Synthetic Lawns in Miami  

  1. Mini Golf: Mini golf is a great outdoor game to play on synthetic lawns in Miami. Not only does it help improve your golf and putting game, but it’s also a great way to encourage your kids to take up the sport.
  1. Croquet: Similar to mini golf, yet also immensely different, croquet is the perfect, fun, and easy addition to your backyard. Just make sure to use artificial turf. The smooth playing surface of synthetic lawns makes it more enjoyable for the entire family.
  1. Badminton: The entire family can immensely enjoy nice and causal games of badminton. Not to mention, it can easily be set up on synthetic lawns in Miami. If you are a true badminton enthusiast, you might want to consider incorporating a permanent court into your landscaping design.

Get your backyard prepared for outdoor fun with family and friends by getting artificial grass installed today. For the best synthetic lawns in Miami, make sure to contact us. Here at Southwest Greens, we are so confident in our ability to deliver you a quality artificial lawn, that we guarantee it.  Learn more about our amazing synthetic lawns in Miami by contacting our professional artificial turf specialists today!

synthetic lawns in miami for badminton

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Fake Grass in Miami | Can I Use Fake Grass for Putting Greens?

Putting greens are subject to a substantial amount of wear. From foot traffic to golf carts, hard swings to intense weather, the putting green grass takes a substantial beating. A high-quality fake grass in Miami is the perfect solution to all your putting green woes. Not only will the grass maintain its aesthetic appeal for a lifetime, it will also withstand whatever abuse is thrown its way—unlike natural grass.

Make Your Golf Game Better Than Ever with Fake Grass in Miami

We at Southwest Greens are the only synthetic turf grass company that has an endorsement from golf legend, Jack Nicklaus. This endorsement allowed us to work with Nicklaus to properly create quality putting greens that are up to professional standards. We use a synthetic material that serves as a better option for a putting green than traditional nylon golf greens. This material has a top-notch putting surface that is approved by Nicklaus.

No matter if you are looking for a commercial or residential putting green, synthetic grass is the most cost-effective and durable solution.

Synthetic grass doesn’t need to be watered and it doesn’t need to be cut. Putting greens are not a small space, so the amount of water and time spent mowing can be extremely costly. Synthetic grass also stays green year round and won’t fade or die in the strong Florida sun like natural grass.

Our crews have been installing high-quality golf greens since 2002. We take pride in every golf green we install because we take golf seriously. We also listen to each client’s wants and needs in order to create a customized putting green that they will love.

Still not sure about using synthetic grass on a putting green? Please don’t hesitate to contact our synthetic grass specialists. Our experts will be happy to help answer any of your questions about synthetic grass.

should i use fake grass in miami for a backyard putting green?

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Synthetic Putting Greens in Florida | Do’s and Don’ts for Success

It’s no secret that artificial putting greens are the perfect addition to any golf enthusiast’s or novice’s yard. Not only does it help improve your putting game dramatically, but it is also a great way to bring together friends and family to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. But before you install your backyard putting green and start reaping its benefits, there’s a few things that you need to know. Keep reading to find out what the do’s and don’ts of synthetic putting greens in Florida!

Do’s and Don’ts for Synthetic Putting Greens in Florida

Do: Personalize It

Make your backyard putting green your own by personalizing it. Design it the way that you want it and feel free to add tee markers, flags, and signs with your name on it. Have fun with it!

Don’t: Use Natural Grass

Using natural grass for synthetic putting greens in Florida causes a wide-range of problems. Natural grass putting greens are hard to design and even harder to maintain. Make your putting green easy and long-lasting by building it with artificial turf.

Do: Make it Challenging

A simple and flat artificial putting green can get boring fast. Ensure that your putting green is fun for years to come by adding mounds, sand pits, and multiple holes. Luckily, all of this is an easy installation or update with synthetic turf.

If you’re interested in adding a synthetic putting green to your yard, we can help! Southwest Greens manufactures, designs, and installs the best synthetic putting greens in Florida. We even won the 2016 Editors’ Choice Award for Best Synthetic Putting Green from Golf Digest. It’s no surprise that we are the only artificial grass company to receive an endorsement from the golf legend Jack Nicklaus! Contact our professional synthetic turf specialists for a FREE consultation today!

synthetic putting greens in florida tips

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