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Artificial Grass for Dogs | Why Synthetic Turf Is Good for Dogs

Artificial grass can not only be beneficial for you, it can also be beneficial to your dog as well. From easy cleanup of pet waste to keeping your dog cleaner, artificial grass is great for dogs. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of artificial grass for dogs.

Your Dog Can’t Dig Up the Yard

Is your dog the type of dog that likes to dig holes in the grass or in the garden to hide or bury things? Well, artificial grass can stop that. Your dog can still play and enjoy all the positives of being on the grass, from playing to using the bathroom, and you get the peace of mind of knowing that your grass will stay clean and intact.

Your Dog Won’t Get Muddy or Dirty

In addition to digging holes, a wet yard can also result in your dog getting dirty or even muddy when going outside. That dirt and mud ends up in your house, adding to the cleanup efforts. Artificial grass doesn’t get muddy, meaning your dog can enjoy being outside and you don’t have to worry about him or her tracking that fun through the house.

where can i get the best artificial grass for dogs?

No More Pesky Lawn Pests

Real grass can fester bugs of all types including fleas, ticks, and ants. These insects bite and cling to your pet. Pests cannot thrive in artificial grass for dogs and will bypass it for real grass in the vicinity.

Are You Interested in Artificial Grass for Dogs?

Artificial grass can not only be beneficial for you but for your dog as well. Contact us today to learn more about how we can install artificial grass at your home.

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Artificial Grass in Florida | Will My Pets Damage My Turf?

We’ve all seen the old television shows with the dog digging the backyard to hide a bone. And we’ve all seen the reaction from the owners freaking out over all the damage. Well, with artificial grass in Florida, your pet’s rough housing is no longer an issue.

Can My Dog Dig Up My Artificial Grass?

Luckily, you will not have to deal with holes in your backyard! Artificial grass is sturdy and durable. So, your dogs and any other welcome furry friends can rough house and have fun with no concern on your behalf.

Can My Dog Do Its Business on Artificial Grass?

Pet waste will not negatively affect your artificial grass. It is also easy to clean. Plus, Southwest Greens lays artificial grass to irrigate properly. So, urine will not puddle, nor will it stain the affected area. To ease your mind, you can introduce a specific spot in your yard for your pet. This will make it simpler to clean up and can be assigned to be discreet so that you can always show off your nice lawn.

is artificial grass in florida a good idea with pets

Can My Dog Chew on Artificial Grass?

It can be pretty difficult to watch your dog’s doings every second. So, there’s a possibility they’ll get their paws on some grass. They’re simply curious about what they’re playing on. However, we do suggest minimizing the ingestion of artificial grass because it is not a natural product and may have other consequences if swallowed.

Curious About Artificial Grass in Florida?

Southwest Greens supplies the highest-quality artificial grass. Approved by golfer Jack Nicklaus, we can provide beautiful, at-home putting greens or a new play area for your kids and pets. So, contact us today to learn more about our products!

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Easy Grass in Florida | What is Artificial Turf?

Do you want a picture-perfect lawn without spending the time, money, and energy on maintaining natural grass? Then artificial turf might be your perfect solution. Unlike natural lawns, synthetic lawns require very little maintenance, conserves water, looks green year-round, shows no wear and tear, and is ideal for landscaping. What exactly is artificial turf? And, more important, where can you get this type of easy grass in Florida? Keep reading to find out!

What is Artificial Turf?

First invented in 1964, artificial turf is a carpet created and made to resemble lush natural grass in both appearance and function as closely as possible. Artificial grass is typically made out of polyethylene or another type of synthetic fiber and bound with a polyurethane or latex backing. The grass fibers have short brown fibers that are mixed with green and yellow blades that are typically around 1 ¾ inches long.  Artificial turf is a popular choice for residential yards, commercial yards, putting greens, golf courses, playgrounds, rooftops, pet areas, indoor sports fields, outdoor sports fields, and so much more.

Where Can I Get Easy Grass in Florida?

You can replace your natural lawn with the best easy grass in Florida by contacting Southwest Greens. We are Florida’s largest supplier and installer of artificial grass and pride ourselves on installation excellence and craftsmanship. We are so confident in our ability to provide you with an outstanding finished product that we guarantee it. Request a FREE artificial grass consultation from one of our synthetic turf specialists today!

is artificial grass a type of easy grass in florida

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Artificial Grass for Dogs | Creating Your Pet’s Dream Backyard

A happy dog and a beautiful yard is something that every pet owner strives for. However, creating your pet’s dream backyard takes more than just wishful thinking. It’s important for you to put in the time and effort to make sure that your yard provides everything that your dog needs. Luckily, your dog dream’s backyard is a yard with plenty of perks for you as well. What is the perfect pet-friendly backyard recipe? Keep reading for a list of awesome landscape ideas that will keep your dog happy, safe, and well exercised outdoors (spoiler alert: it includes replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass for dogs). 

should i install artificial grass for dogs

Build Fences 

Fences are a two-tier way to protect your precious pet. Not only do they protect your pup by keeping them in, but they also protect your dog by keeping other animals out. Make sure that your fences are high enough so that your dog can’t jump over it.

Keep it Cool

In Florida, dehydration, heatstroke, and sunburn are all major risks every time your dog goes outside. If your yard doesn’t possess any naturally shady spots, invest in a dog house, umbrella, or something similar to create a cool place for your pet to escape the sun’s potentially harmful rays. 

Install Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass for dogs is the best lawn option for your furry friend. It’s more safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing than natural grass could ever hope to be. For the best artificial grass for dogs, look no further than Southwest Greens. Request a FREE consultation from one of our professional turf specialists to get artificial grass for dogs today!

where can i get the best artificial grass for digs

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Artificial Grass for Dogs | What Is the Best Grass for My Pet?

Your dog is your best friend. As a result, it is important that they get nothing but the best. The best food, the best training, the best toys, and the best grass. Grass is an important part of your dog’s day-to-day routine. It is where they play and where they do their business. If you want the best grass for your pet, then you want artificial grass. Keep reading to find out all of the reasons why artificial grass for dogs is the perfect outdoor option.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Artificial Grass for Dogs

  1. Fake grass and real grass looks the same. Thanks to the fact that it stays green all year long with no unsightly patches, fake grass sometimes even looks better than real grass. As a result, your dog, and neighbors, won’t be able to notice the difference.
  2. Artificial grass for dogs eliminates the mess of playing outside. There are less fleas and bugs, fewer odors, no more dug up holes, and less dirt brought into your home.
  3. Synthetic turf is a chemical-free zone. You don’t have to worry about your pet getting exposed to unhealthy chemicals since no fertilizers or pesticides are required to maintain your lawn.

Based on the reasons above, it’s safe to say that synthetic turf is the best option for your precious pets. Get the best artificial grass for dogs by contacting us. Southwest Greens is Florida’s largest supplier and installer of synthetic grass. Our excellent installation techniques and craftsmanship guarantees that your pet will have the perfect outdoor space for years to come. Connect with one of our professional artificial turf specialists today!

is artificial grass for dogs a good idea

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Different Types of Fake Grass in Miami

From boosting curb appeal to creating a more durable play space for your child, Southwest Greens has the right artificial grass for your needs. Keep reading to learn all different types of fake grass in Miami!

Different Types of Fake Grass in Miami

The artificial grass and lawn products from Southwest Greens easily simulate the look of a natural, lush lawn, without the hassle of maintenance. You may live in an area with extreme weather, but our fake grass in Miami will stay looking lush year-round, no matter the climate. If you’re looking to spruce up the curb appeal of your home or business, Southwest Greens’ artificial grass and lawn products are the way to go.

Bolt Turf

Artificial turf has come along way in recent years, and Southwest Greens aims to stay on top of all the latest technology. The latest addition to our line is Bolt Turf. Each individual fiber is shaped like a lightening bolt. The unique shape of the fiber adds to the strength and resiliency of the turf. Not to mention, this shape creates a more natural look. If you are having trouble keeping a healthy looking lawn in a busy area of your yard, Bolt Turf from Southwest Greens is the perfect choice.

Pet Turf

A major concern for pet owners looking to switch to artificial turf is if the grass is tough enough, yet safe for their furry friend.  Our pet turf is made from a special polyethylene blend of long-bladed, bent fibers that will last a lifetime, perfect for the toughest of dogs.  Our pet turf is designed with superior drainage, perfect for training Fido! Most importantly, our pet turf is 100% recyclable and totally non-toxic. Turn your yard into a backyard oasis for your best friend with Pet Turf from Southwest Greens.

Play Turf

It’s not uncommon for kids to get a bit rough when they’re playing outside. Make sure to protect them from the unexpected tumbles with Play Turf from Southwest Greens. A rubberized underlay helps absorb the impact of any fall, much more than natural grass could. Best of all, Play Turf is hypoallergenic, meaning your kids can play for hours without itchy eyes or a running nose.

Sport Turf

Looking for a putting green in your backyard? If Jack Nicklaus can trust us with golf greens, so can you! Not only does Southwest Greens install turf worthy of some of the greatest golfers, but we install turf for all types of sports. From a relaxing game of bocce ball to a heated football game, Southwest Greens has the turf that will stand the test of time. Get a FREE consultation from our synthetic turf specialists today!

types of fake grass in miami

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Artificial Turf in Orlando | 4 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun

You have a backyard, so why not make use of it?! Artificial turf is an easy and simple way to transform your backyard into a low maintenance entertaining space for your family, friends, and pets. Keep reading to find out some ways you can use artificial turf in Orlando to make your backyard more fun!

4 Fun Backyard Ideas Using Artificial Turf in Orlando

1) Bocce Ball Court

Bocce ball is an easy, low-impact game that is perfect for backyards. It’s a fun sport that can be enjoyed at any age or athletic ability. While these courts can be made with clay and sand, synthetic grass bocce courts require the least amount of maintenance.

Artificial Turf in Orlando for backyard bocce courts


2) Putting Green

 An artificial putting green is a great addition to any golfer’s backyard. You can practice your golf game or help teach your kids the basics of the sport. Backyard synthetic grass putting greens is a simple, inexpensive way to turn your backyard into the ultimate country club.

 3) Space for Pets

Artificial turf can help turn your backyard into a great pet-friendly location. Make it even more fun for your furry friends by adding a challenging obstacle course.

4) Playground

 Artificial turf is the dream playground surface for both parents and kids. Parents will love the mud-free and tumble friendly aspect of synthetic grass while kids will love the outdoor space to play and let their imaginations run free.

artificial turf in orlando for backyard playgrounds

Transform your backyard into the ultimate play space with artificial turf in Orlando by contacting us! Southwest Greens is the largest supplier and installer of artificial turf in Orlando! Connect with our synthetic grass company online today!

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Artificial Grass for Dogs | Is It Safe?

If you have a pet, you know that they deserve the best. They deserve the best food, the best toys, and the best backyard! It’s no secret that artificial grass for dogs is the ultimate backyard option, but is it safe? Keep reading to find out!

is artificial grass safe for dogs

Is Artificial Grass for Dogs Safe?

The answer is yes; artificial grass for dogs is extremely safe! While chemicals are used to care for natural lawns, artificial lawns are free of chemicals. Synthetic grass looks and feels amazing without any fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Because of this, you’ll never have to worry about chemical exposure if your dog chews on grass.

Artificial grass for dogs is also the safest option because it’s not a hotbed for bacteria. But the same can’t be said for natural lawns, which harbors bacteria and is nearly impossible to disinfect. Bacteria is of little concern for fake lawns. No matter how many times your pet goes on the synthetic turf, normal maintenance will keep it bacteria-free and safe.

Artificial grass not only gets rid of chemical and bacterial safety issues, but it puts an end to tripping hazards as well. An experienced synthetic turf installer addresses and fixes any recreational dangers that natural grass can hide. The result is a level, even surface for your furry friend to run around on. However, if your pet does fall down, artificial grass provides an extra-soft landing.

If you’re interested in replacing your lawn with synthetic turf, we can help! Southwest Greens guarantees to install an outstanding producing that you will love. Request a free consultation from one of our artificial grass for dogs specialists today!

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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Are you considering artificial grass for dogs? As pet owners, we want our turf to withstand our demands, especially when it comes to our furry friends. Artificial grass can be a perfect solution for your family dog or other pet. Offering a thick, clean, safe, and visually appealing lawn, with a softness matched only by the lushest grass, your pet may end up liking the new grass more than you will.

Pets and lawns can be a disastrous mix – high traffic from playing fetch, destructive digging and doing business can all lead to natural grass becoming dull and brown, leaving you with a dead lawn if it’s not given enough time to recover adequately. Rest assured, Southwest Greens’ artificial turf is highly durable, and is designed to withstand even the toughest dogs. Totally safe and non­toxic, your pet will enjoy the realistic look and feel of your new synthetic lawn.

Every pet and pet owner is unique in terms of personal needs: we have the versatile solutions to address your requirements in a variety of ways. We consider many factors when working with you to create the best lawn possible: the size of your animal, the size of your pet run, the amount of time your pet will spend in the area, and any other additional measures, like whether or not your pet has destructive tendencies such as digging or grass eating.

You can depend on your lawn to provide superior drainage, which means your pet can do its business with ease. Never worry about muddy paws since the same drainage system means a drier lawn, and no dirt! Smells and unsightly dead spots are a thing of the past. Your pet will be safer too, since fleas and ticks will be kept away and there is no chemical maintenance required with synthetic turf.

Southwest Green’s Pet Turf is the ultimate bang­-for­-your­-buck when it comes to pets and maintenance. You can even add our proprietary Hydrochill technology, meaning your pets can stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

Our products are meticulously designed to simulate the actual look, feel and performance of natural grass. We tailor a synthetic grass solution for everything you want from your lawn, from our proven installation techniques all the way to individualized maintenance schedules.

Get the best pedigree and choose Southwest Greens for all of your artificial grass for dogs and synthetic lawn needs.

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The Best Uses of Artificial Grass in Orlando

Athletic fields are not the only places that can benefit from artificial grass. Natural grass is now being replaced by artificial grass left and right. It’s durability and versatility make it an ideal option for numerous uses. Keep reading to find out the best uses of artificial grass in Orlando!

Uses of Artificial Grass in Orlando:

Easy Area for Pets

Pet owners have many reasons to want to replace their natural grass with artificial grass. Pets can’t dig holes in it and it’s easy to clean. Also, synthetic grass maintains its vibrant appearance, no matter how many times pets go outside.

Safe Playgrounds

Artificial grass is a great playground surface. It’s soft, durable, and mess-free. The lawn doesn’t get torn up and destroyed by playtime activities. More importantly, there won’t be as many scrapes and bruises thanks to its soft and flexible fibers. Artificial grass helps kids have fun and stay safe.

Home Putting Greens

Artificial grass is perfect for anyone looking to practice their golf game without traveling to the country club. Synthetic turf brings the beauty and playability of golf courses into the comfort of your home. It looks and feel like the real thing.

These are just a few of many great uses of artificial grass! You can also use it for rooftops, courtyards, cricket fields, and anywhere else you want to reap the benefits of artificial grass! If you’re interested in installing artificial grass, Southwest Greens can help. We are Florida’s leading synthetic turf installer and can promise to provide you with the best artificial grass in Orlando. Contact Southwest Greens for any of your synthetic grass needs today!

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Synthetic Turf for Dogs and Pets

Synthetic turf for dogs is not only a smart move financially but it also comes with peace of mind. We all know that having a dog comes with unlimited joy, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility – but the latter can be eliminated with the investment of artificial grass from Southwest Greens. While it is always great to see your dog playing in the yard, the impact it has on your grass does take its toll, but it doesn’t have to. more »

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