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Artificial Turf In Florida | How To Keep Artificial Grass Clean

Synthetic, or artificial, grass has many advantages over traditional turf. One of which is its low-maintenance requirements and easiness to keep clean. Below are some tips on keeping your artificial turf in Florida clean.

How To Clean Spills, Gum, Or Other Occurrences

Lawns are meant to be lived on. Things get spilled, splattered, and dripped all the time. Artificial turf in Florida is stain resistant, making cleanups easy. The majority of spills can be cleaned by simply hosing off the area. If for some reason, the stain doesn’t come out, or if residue remains, you can apply natural soap or a mix of vinegar and water to the affected area to clean it.

How To Remove Bacteria

Bacteria is generally not an issue when it comes to synthetic turf as long as it is frequently cleaned and maintained. However, if bacteria buildup does become an issue, you can go back to that water and vinegar mix from earlier. If the area of bacteria infestation is small, you can put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the affected area. If you want to treat your entire lawn, use a garden hose attachment similar to the ones used to spray fertilizer.

Why should I get artificial turf in Florida?How To Avoid Stains and Burns

If your artificial lawn gets burned or if a stain doesn’t come out with basic treatment, it can be repaired. However, there are certain precautionary measures that you can take to keep this from happening.

Certain spills, such as grease, lubricants, motor oil, and battery acid can discolor or damage your artificial turf in Florida. Same goes for cigarettes, charcoal, or sparks from a fire pit. The burns that come from these products can also cause damage to the turf. Keeping anything that might cause stains or burns away from the turf is the best way to avoid the accidental stain or burn.

Keeping your Artificial Turf In Florida Clean

The low key maintenance of synthetic turf is one of its biggest appeals. Even if things get spilled on it, it’s easy to clean up. If you want to learn more about having artificial turf installed at your home, contact us today.

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Low Maintenance Grass in Florida | How To Maintain Synthetic Grass

Synthetic turf is significantly easier to keep clean and maintain than regular grass. It’s one of its biggest appeals. Just because it doesn’t have to be fertilized, mowed, or aerated doesn’t mean that it’s completely maintenance free. Here is how to keep your low maintenance grass in Florida maintained.

How Do I Keep It Clean?

How often you have to clean and maintain your artificial grass depends on your living situation. If you have outdoor pets, children, or have a lot of trees or shrubs, you will have to clean it more often than someone that doesn’t have any of those things. On the flip side, if you live in an area that gets rain a lot, the rainwater can wash your lawn, reducing the number of times that you have to do it.

How Often Should I Wash It?

Typically, it is suggested that you spray your lawn down once a week. A light rinsing weekly with a hose will remove any dust and small debris that might have built up. A more thorough cleaning should be done once a month. This will include not just spraying your lawn down, but taking a rake or broom and going through the lawn to clean everything out. Doing this will keep your lawn looking green and maintain its upright position. Once again, pets or trees that regularly lose leaves might require you to do it more often.

How do I get low maintenance grass in Florida?I Have A Pet, How Do I Clean Up After Him or Her?

Cleaning up after a pet on artificial grass is the same as it is on regular grass. For solid waste, use whatever you normally would to pick it up. For urine removal, your weekly rinsing and monthly thorough cleaning of the lawn should take care of that. Keeping a bottle of turf deodorizer handy will help prevent the odors from the pet waste.

Keeping Your Low Maintenance Grass in Florida Clean

Synthetic Grass can be significantly easier to maintain and keep clean than regular grass. If you are interested in having synthetic grass installed at your home, contact us today to learn more.

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Artificial Turf in Miami | Will I Need to Weed My Synthetic Lawn?

The second you install an artificial turf in Miami, the second you get back your Saturdays. This is because synthetic grass is extremely low maintenance. There is no need to constantly be tugging and pulling at weeds that leave your lawn looking unsightly. Learn more about synthetic grass and how to maintain it:

What is Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass is an alternative to natural grass. Each strand of grass is made up of fibers that replicate the look of natural grass. These are nestled in an infill. However, unlike a natural lawn, synthetic grass stays fresh-looking and green all year round.

What are the Benefits of an Artificial Lawn?

To begin, an artificial lawn requires next to no maintenance. But, the benefits expand from there. You crack down on pest and insects. You limit mess from muddy ground after heavy rain. Instead, water will run off through an irrigation system. You also combat allergies.

how can i maintain my artificial turf in miami

How Do I Maintain Artificial Grass?

There is extremely little time necessary to maintain artificial grass. To being, you do not need to mow the lawn or weed it. While the grass is very durable, it is important to watch for any damage that may occur from wear over time. Other than that, you can sit back and enjoy a perfect manicure.

Are You Looking to Install Artificial Turf in Miami?

The benefits of installing an artificial turf in Miami are endless. If you are looking to transform your home’s landscape, Southwest Greens can assist you. So, Contact us today to learn more about our advanced lawn services.

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Fake Grass for Yard in Florida | How Can I Landscape a Beautiful Yard?

Getting a beautiful yard doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Landscaping should be fun as your lawn acts as a base. Let fake grass for yard in Florida act your canvas and earn some major curb appeal.

Narrow Down Your Style

Just like interior design has an array of style preferences, so does landscaping. You can like the look of a full garden with lots of full-bodied plants. Or, you may like a more minimalist look. This could be tall, thin plants.

Install Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a great option for any style of landscaping. It can create a clean look and last a lifetime! With precision edging and next to no maintenance, artificial grass is worth the investment.

can i have fake grass for yard in florida with a pool

Get a Variety of Plants

You should try to establish a nice balance between plants. This means, have some height while using some that are lower to the ground, should you like to cluster them. Also, have an array of full sun and partial sun plants. Different parts of your lawn probably get different amounts of sun. So, be aware of the environment your lawn offers and buy plants accordingly.

Use Stones or Sand

Sometimes people simply do not like the look of mulch. You can opt for something more creative. In Florida, it is not uncommon to see sand places as it is easy to replace, can handle some rain, and offers a more casual look. Stones also come in every shape, size, and color. So, give those a look for a very clean look that can be made rustic or modern.

Are You Looking to Install Fake Grass for Yard in Florida?

Fake grass for yard in Florida is a great way to achieve a seamless landscaping. So, if you are looking to get a professional-looking and beautiful lawn, contact us at Southwest Greens to learn about our artificial grass services.

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Artificial Grass in Orlando | How Safe is Artificial Grass for Playgrounds?

Spills, trips, and falls – kids seem to have a superpower when it comes to getting hurt. Luckily, you can limit the number of scrapes and other “boo boos” by installing artificial grass in Orlando. But, how exactly does having synthetic turf promote safe play?

Utilize Pad Underlayments

At municipal parks, schools, and other public recreational spots, chances are there are rules and regulations for an ASTM (impact attenuation of surface systems). This is a measurement of the “give” a material has. In our case, Southwest Greens offers underlayment padding that has “give” for falls from heights up to nine feet.

how safe is artificial grass in orlando

Ward Off Bacteria

The saying goes: A little dirt don’t hurt. But, keeping your kids away from harmful bacteria and germs that may build up on playgrounds is ideal. However, that shouldn’t mean keeping them indoors. Line your residential playground with artificial grass that has antimicrobial agents. This can help ward off the buildup of microbes and bacteria that lead to infection. Not to mention, there is no dealing with dirt with artificial turf, meaning it stays out of their eyes and your home.

No Dirt Displacement

With synthetic grass, there is officially no more waiting time between a rainy day and one filled with sunshine. Because there is no dirt to deal with synthetic grass, there is no erosion or displacement after rainfall. Rather, it is all irrigated and run offs, leaving a clean surface that minimizes puddles and slips.

Are You Looking to Install Artificial Grass in Orlando?

Whether it is for your home or a commercial area, artificial grass in Orlando is a great option. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it requires minimal maintenance. So, contact us today to learn how our synthetic grass technology can benefit you!

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Plastic Grass in Florida | Can My Artificial Lawn Withstand a Storm?

Plastic grass in Florida is a great option for landscaping purposes. It eliminates typical lawn care issues and gives major curb appeal. But, does it work as well as it looks? Artificial lawns can withstand children playing, animals rough housing, and so much more. And, they can withstand extreme weather. Here’s how:

It Is Porous

While plastic grass in Florida is built to mimic real grass, it doesn’t absorb water in the same fashion. Rather, the material Southwest Green uses helps water run off. This keeps water pooling on top and causing a variety of other issues pertaining to bugs. Some water will still absorb, but the majority of runoff will head out to streets, storm drains, and other more convenient areas.

can plastic grass in florida withstand a storm

Detailed Edging

Edging is key when it comes to synthetic lawn installation. This “seals the deal” and can prevent you from having further issues when it comes to heavy rains and high wind speeds. Our edging is properly constructed in a multitude of styles that remain aesthetically pleasing while ensuring the quality of the job. Proper edging allows for better integrity of your artificial lawn.

Erosion Resistant

When the rain comes down – especially when paired with the wind – erosion can wash away your natural lawn. However, a professionally installed synthetic lawn won’t do that. This means a storm can come through, and you can still have a beautiful yard with no worry.

Want to Learn More About Plastic Grass in Florida?

Give your landscape the proper finish it needs with plastic grass in Florida. A clean look is easy to achieve when working with Southwest Greens! So, give us a call to discuss how synthetic grass is right for you.

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Synthetic Lawns in West Palm Beach | 3 Balcony Greenery Ideas

Some mornings, you just want to crawl out of bed, step outside and enjoy the morning breeze. Other nights, when sleep doesn’t come easy, a little put around the green could be just what you need to settle your mind. Well, that’s completely possible. So, read how you can transform your balcony with synthetic lawns in West Palm Beach:


why should I choose synthetic lawns in west palm beachMini Putting Green

Begin or end your day by being active. An artificial putting green is not only fun, but a unique way to spruce up an otherwise simple area of the home. Southwest Greens is endorsed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus and provides custom greens that stand the test of time.


Comfortable Living Area

Create a comfortable living area right off of your bedroom with synthetic lawns in West Palm Beach. A synthetic lawn on your balcony can make it feel just like an extension of your home. It will transform the area into a welcoming and warm space that lets you happily soak up Florida’s sunshine.


Custom Pet Area

You are not the only one who would appreciate a finished synthetic grass balcony. So, give your furry friends a pleasant place to sit with a custom pet area. This can become a designated area for them, should you wish, and will also protect their paws from a hot ground.


Want to Learn About Synthetic Lawns in West Palm Beach?

You deserve the best quality synthetic lawns in West Palm Beach. Southwest Greens is dedicated to providing customers just that. So, contact us today to learn about your lawn options and how we can transform your landscape.

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Low Maintenance Grass in Florida | Do Artificial Lawns Ward Off Pests?

As children or adults, we’ve all been there. While trying to enjoy the weather, we sit out on the lawn and not even five minutes later, the bugs are in full force. But, with low maintenance grass in Florida, you’re able to soak up the sun and have hours of fun.

Here’s how artificial grass prevents pests and insects:

is low maintenance grass in Florida safe for my family

Limited Access to Soil

With turf, there is no reason to worry about exposed soil or dirt tracks. This means there are fewer places for insects to make a home. So, there is no reason to worry about stepping on any creepy crawlies while running around.

Zero Burrowing Ability

In Florida, there are a variety of creatures that love to burrow deep into the ground. This can cause a lot of damage. But, synthetic grass makes it next to impossible for them to dig. And, ultimately, this leaves you with less yard work!

Minimal Standing Water

Drainage and irrigation are improved exponentially with low maintenance, artificial turf. But, with standing water eliminated, you and your family don’t have to worry about gnats, mosquitos and other water-loving bugs.

No Reason for Pesticides and Insecticides

A concern for lawn-caring pet owners and parents is the possible exposure to pesticides and insecticides. But, with artificial grass, you can protect your family and the environment from harmful chemicals.

Want to Learn More About Low Maintenance Grass in Florida?

So, whether you’re looking for a personal putting green or a kid-resistant backyard, artificial turf may be the best option for you! Contact us today for more information on low maintenance grass in Florida.

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Artificial Turf in West Palm Beach | Should I Replace My Synthetic Grass?

If you’ve replaced your natural lawn with an artificial lawn, it’s safe to say that it was probably one of the best investments you’ve ever made. However, after years of enjoying your beautiful yard, you may be wondering if it’s time to replace it with new artificial turf in West Palm Beach. To help you make this decision, we’ve listed out some of the most common reasons to replace synthetic grass. Keep reading to get them all!

2 Reasons to Replace Your Artificial Turf in West Palm Beach

  1. Want an Updated Look: One reason to consider replacing your old fake grass with new turf is to achieve a new look. For example, updating your turf is the perfect solution if you want a different shade of green or a slightly different style.
  2. Damage to the Old Turf: Under normal conditions, you can use artificial turf for years. However, sometimes out of the ordinary events occur and it might be less expensive to replace your entire lawn than to attempt to repair it.

If you do decide to replace your artificial turf in West Palm Beach, make sure to have Southwest Greens install it for you. When you choose us to provide you with artificial turf, you can be confident that you won’t need to replace your lawn for many years to come. Our synthetic grass products come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers fading and degradation under normal conditions. Request a FREE consultation from one of our professional artificial turf specialists today!

where can i get new artificial turf in west palm beach

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Artificial Turf in Orlando | Is Synthetic Grass a Good Investment?

As a homeowner, you frequently think about how you can improve the interior of your home to increase your home’s value. But what about the exterior of your home? It may come as a surprise, but sprucing up your yard is a great way to add curb appeal and value to your house, and there are a few investments as great as replacing your natural lawn with a synthetic one. While it will cost you some money upfront to install, it is definitely worth it. Keep reading to learn about all of the reasons why artificial turf in Orlando is a great investment!

3 Reasons Why Artificial Turf in Orlando Is a Good Investment

  1. Artificial grass requires substantially less time and money to maintain than natural grass.
  2. The lush, green, and beautiful appearance of artificial turf, which lasts all year long for years to come, is an easy and inexpensive way to increase the property value and curb appeal of your home.
  3. Synthetic turf is extremely cost effective in numerous ways. Not only can the original cost of the turf be divided up over the number years, but the lawn will remain in place and the maintenance costs would be minimal.

Invest in your lawn by replacing your lawn’s natural grass with fake grass today. For the best artificial turf in Orlando, look no further than Southwest Greens! Since 2002, Southwest Greens has been the leading artificial grass installer in the state of the Florida. Come see our skill and experience for yourself by contacting our professional turf specialists today!

is artificial turf in orlando a good investment

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